Written by Yasin Arshad on May 17th 2018
“I should be at $120,000 for the month but I’m at half that"

My coaching student was sitting across the table from me as he told me about his frustrations with his Amazon business.

“What do you think Yasin? I’m really frustrated with myself”

My response?
Written by Yasin Arshad on January 12th 2018
“What kind of Amazon Seller are you? Retail Arbitrage (RA)? Online Arbitrage (OA)? Wholesale (WS)? Private Label (PL)?”

It’s a common question amongst Amazon Sellers… 

However, it’s a question that shows the limited understanding of the Amazon Marketplace. 

Written by Yasin Arshad on November 6th 2017
“How did you turn $500 into $2 million using the power of Amazon FBA?”

That’s the question that the intrigued person on the other side of the table was asking me.

My answer?
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